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LOGOVISION GROUP™ provides an extensive range of imprintable promotional advertising products.

Promotional advertising products are useful objects imprinted with your logo, business name, or advertising message that are given away free of charge to current and prospective customers.

.Here are some reasons for you to add promotional giveaways to your marketing campaign:

  • To promote goodwill among your customers
  • To highlight existing or newly launched products and services
  • To increase number of visitors to your booth at tradeshows
  • As gestures of appreciation for employees
  • To promote a cause or increase awareness
  • To promote team spirit
  • To highlight your logo at company-sponsored parties and campaigns

Keeping your company name in your customer's "stream of consciousness" Is the key to repeat business and customer loyalty.

Promotional products bring you valuable brand impressions at an inexpensive price, and that's a fact. There's nothing wrong with dedicating dollars to television advertisements or social media promotions; however, diversity should play a part in any successful marketing campaign. Sometimes you need something tangeable for your product promotions or trade show giveaways, and that happens to be our area of expertise!

Have you ever received business promotional items like custom travel mugs from conventions or customer loyalty programs? We're willing to bet that you still have a half dozen personalized pens or at least one custom keychain or imprinted ice scraper from an event of yesteryear. By the way, you know those personalized water bottles you see people using at the gym or during a jog; believe it or not, those logo products don't grow on trees-they come from us!   Giveaway items are worth your time and energy because they make a meaningful impact on your audience.

We deal with 5,800 suppliers and carry over 950,000 imprintable items, some of which will surely be appropriate to keep YOUR name in front of your customers.

We've dealt with businesses of all sizes...from "Mom And Pops," to large corporations. We also work with schools, retailers, state and local governments, charities, law firms, political groups, and others.

We are very proud to work the US Militaty, Law Enforcement, Firefighter and First Responder Groups  We even have a seperate URL address for these heroes.. (www.promosforheroes.com)

To view our Promotional Products Database, click the SEARCH BUTTON. After you perform a search, you'll see detailed information regarding the searched product. Remember, every item shown on our website can be imrinted with your logo and message.

If you have any questions of any kind, or, you need help searching for a special item, don't hesitate to give us a call at 973-643-6000.


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